THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR HELPING!  The following are all the PARENT volunteer jobs needed to have a successful Big Band Dance in 2017. Please review this list and select one or more of the available volunteer slots. To sign up, use the Comment box at the bottom to send the organizers information on the slot(s) you can help fill and we will add your name to this page. (Kent has students sign up for student jobs in the classroom. Note: if you are interested in being a "Chair" for next year, please speak with Kent Kurrus.)

I. BIG BAND DANCE EVENT (Chair: Pacita Ikonomou)

Duties: Involves setting up meetings and coordinating between the functional Activity Chairs and making sure that everyone is aware of issues, changes, status of preparations, etc.  Helps recruit parents to support the various event needs.  Manages creation and printing of event program (using performance information from Mr. Kurrus), special event features (such as dance lessons, special tributes), etc. 

II. SET-UP/BREAK-DOWN (Chair: Valerie Gardner/Kristi Waldron)

Duties:  Serves as liaison with M-A Facilities staff for use of Ayers gym, coordination on equipment and furniture, protection of gym floor and event safety.  Responsible for design of layout for event, planning service tables, guest tables and seating, interface with facility staffing support. Responsible for maintaining safety corridors for access and egress.  Directs set-up and break-down tasks and coordinates volunteers on the day of the event.

SET-UP EARLY SHIFT : 10:00 am TO 11:00 am  Volunteer Duties:  Help with special measurement and layout of dancefloor, construction of bandstand, setting up of lighting and sound-system, laying and taping cables and the installation of the bandstand backdrop curtain.  Please bring work gloves to protect your hands. (Will also involve about 5 band students, so join your student for some heavy-duty set-up fun!) 

  1. Valerie Gardner
  2. Scott Waldron (Lights)
  3. Ken Baker (Sound System)
  4. Jonathan Tiemann (Dance floor geometry) FILLED, Thanks!


MID-MORNING SHIFT : 11:00 am TO 1:00 pm  Volunteer Duties:  Completes basic set-up construction of band stand and dance floor if needed, final taping of sound/lighting cables, setting chairs and music stands on band stand, sets final tables and chairs into place, lays table cloths, helps to decorate tents with lighting, helps as needed with Decorations team, Jazz Cafe team, Kent Kurrus, etc.  Please bring work gloves to protect your hands. (This time includes mandatory shifts by band students, so join your student for some set-up fun!)   

  1. Valerie Gardner
  2. Scott Waldron
  3. Sally Black
  4. Karla Ebrahimi-Camens
  5. Drew Camens FILLED: Thanks!


LATE SHIFT : 1:00 pm TO 3:00 pm  Volunteer Duties:  Completes basic set-up (if anything is left) and starts Gym Decoration and Jazz Cafe set-up. We should be ready to lay tablecloths, helps table tops with lighting, check lighting batteries, help as needed with Decorations team, Jazz Cafe team, Instruments, signage, etc.  (This time includes mandatory shifts by band students, so join your student for some set-up fun!)   

  1. Valerie Gardner
  2. Kristi Waldron
  3. Peter Gillespie
  4. Cheryl Cathey
  5. Cecilia Pinto
  6. Lisa Lohmann
  7. _____________  Use the "LEAVE A REPLY" Comment box at the bottom to describe your volunteer choices.


SOUND SET-UP/TAPING CORDS: 10:00 am TO 2:00 pm  Volunteer Duties:  Provide support in setting up and running the BBD Sound and Lighting systems, including setting up towers, laying and taping cables.  We are seeking several more adult volunteers to help with Sound and Lighting system set-up. (This is a fun, slightly more technical roll and you will learn a lot!)

  1. Ken Baker (Directing Sound System)
  2. Scott Waldron (Directing Lighting Set-Up)
  3. _____________ (Sound System 10:00 to 11:00 am)
  4. Steve Takayama (Lighting System 10:00 to 11:00 am)
  5. Karla Ebrahimi-Camens (Sound System 11:00 to 1:00 pm)
  6. Drew Camens_  (Lighting System 11:00 to 1:00 pm)
  7. Steve Takayama (Lighting System 12:00 to 1:00 pm, help with strobe lights)
  8. _____________ (Lighting System 1:00 to 2:00 pm, final light tests)  Use the "LEAVE A REPLY" Comment box at the bottom to describe your volunteer choices.


BREAKDOWN : 10:00 pm TO 11:00 pm Volunteer Duties:  PLEASE NOTE: All students and parents are requested to help with event breakdown at the end of the event. These parent volunteers will help to direct and manage the work being done by the parents and students who stick around after the event to help clean up.  We make sure that the collection, re-packing, deconstruction, stacking and removal of everything from the gym, is orderly and efficient.  We help explain how to re-pack materials and where things go. We've gotten the entire gym cleaned up in 30 minutes when everyone stays to help, so please plan to stay and help, even if you don't sign up to help supervise Break-Down. (This time slot includes mandatory support by all band students, so join your student in pitching in because they can't leave until we are done clearing everything out!)

  1. Valerie Gardner (Overall Coordinator)
  2. Kristi Waldron  (Volunteer Coordinator)
  3. Nitin Kulshresta (Decorations Packing Coordinator)
  4. Michelle de Haaff (Jazz Cafe Coordinator)
  5. Lisa McPherson (Rectangular Tables stacking)
  6. Ingo Lange____ (Round Tables stacking)
  7. Dave Fischer__ (Bandstand deconstruction and stacking)
  8. Dave Fischer__ (Music Stands/Instruments removal)
  9. Dave Fichou__ (Dance Floor Deconstruction Coordinator)
  10. Pacita Ikonomou (Signs & Final Gym Clean-up)  FILLED!  Thanks!


III. DECORATIONS SET-UP (Chairs: Nitin Kulshresta, Jessica Gordon)

Chair Duties:  Creatively design and provision decorations to transform the gym into a Night Club, including choice of table centerpieces, signage and table lighting. We often reuse some or all of prior year decorations, table supplies and table clothes and manage the information signage on tables and walls to achieve the proper ambiance and enable attendees to find their places.  We carefully store and retrieve a majority of decorations to save costs for those items that can be reused.

Volunteer Duties:  Assist with table set-up, including managing tablecloths, table lights, creating table numbers, signage, centerpieces and, at the end of the event, helping to ensure that during the break-down, all items are collected and returned to their proper storage bins, so they can be re-used next year.

  1. Nitin Kulshresta
  2. Jessica Gordon
  3. Paula da Cruz Griffin (Gym Decorations 1:00 – 3:00)
  4. Sidney Marks__ (Gym Decorations 1:00 – 2:00)
  5. _____________ (Assist with Gym Decorations 2:00 – 3:00)
  6. _____________ (Assist with Gym Decorations 3:00 – 4:00)
  7. _____________  Use the "LEAVE A REPLY" Comment box at the bottom to describe your volunteer choices.


IV. JAZZ CAFE (Food Committee Chair: Michelle de Haaff, Kristi Waldron & Pacita Ikonomou)

Chair Duties:  Involves planning selections of foods and desserts to nourish dancers and entice purchasing activity during the event. Responsible for buying, preparing, apportioning and displaying food and drink choices and planning as needed etc. including set-up and clean up of the Jazz Cafe after the event.

Volunteer Duties:  Assist with donations of food items, food preparation, food sales and/or food clean-up. All Jazz Cafe volunteers are asked to help the Jazz Cafe with set-up and/or break-down in addition to making donations and helping on shifts.

JAZZ CAFE JOBS (UPDATED:  Please see our Sign Up Genius site to volunteer for all food service positions!)


V. AUCTION (Chair: _________________)

Duties: Manages the auction fundraising activities, from soliciting donations to planning the processes for either live or silent auctions for raising funds with donated items off during the Big Band Dance.  Helps to "MC" during the BBD in the event of a live auction. 


  1. Mohan Iyer (Live Auction MC)
  2. ______________ (Help get more items donated)
  3. Valerie Gardner_  (Help list donated items on website)
  4. ______________ (I would like to donate . . . ).
  5. ______________  Use the "LEAVE A REPLY" Comment box at the bottom to describe what you can donate or how you can help our Auction. We will have someone get back to you via email right away.)


EVENING OF EVENT: Volunteer Duties:  These parent help get people through the ticketing, find their table assignment and get into the gym as quickly as possible. Provide support during the event by selling tickets at the door and/or selling raffle tickets during the event.

  1. Pacita Ikonomou_ (Auction Process Coordinator)
  2. ______________ (Help to Identify & Log Bidders)
  3. ______________ (Design of Posters of Auction Items
  4. ______________ (Other). Use the "LEAVE A REPLY" Comment box at the bottom to describe your volunteer choices.


VI. TICKET & RAFFLE SALES (Chair: Michele Turner & Nanhi Singh)

Duties: Manages the online ticket sales, tracking and managing ticket sales the night of the event. Also includes oversight of Raffle Ticket Sales and tracking cash collected for tickets or raffles during the event. Coordinates proper planning of tables, seating and food. Interfaces with Kent on accounting of Costs and Expenses.

EVENING OF EVENT: Volunteer Duties:  Help at Check-In tables to check or sell tickets. Provide info on assigned tables to those who purchased tables. Support continued ticket sales at the door and/or selling raffle tickets during the event.

  1. Michele Turner (On-Line Sales, Tracking and Door ticket sales management)
  2. Nanhi Singh (Organizing Raffle & Raffle Ticket Sales)
  3. Monica Bosch___ (7:00-7:30 pm Staff Entry Table at Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  4. Wendy Justus___ (7:00-7:30 pm Staff Entry Table at Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  5. Sue Bartalo_____ (7:00-7:30 pm Staff Entry Table at Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  6. Liz Laderman___ (7:00-7:30 pm Staff Entry Table at Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  7. Stephen Laderman (7:00-7:30 pm Staff Entry Table at Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  8. Monica Bosch___ (7:30-8:00 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  9. Wendy Justus___ (7:30-8:00 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  10. Sue Bartalo_____ (7:30-8:00 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  11. ______________ (7:30-8:00 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  12. Monica Bosch___ (8:00-8:30 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  13. Scott Oesterling_ (8:00-9:00 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  14. Dan Meyers (2)_ (8:00-9:00 pm Door Check-Ins/Sales)
  15. Wendy Justus __ (Raffle Ticket Sales)
  16. ______________ (Raffle Tickets Sales)
  17. ______________ (Raffle Tickets Sales). Use the "LEAVE A REPLY" Comment box at the bottom to describe your volunteer choices.


VII. PUBLICITY & SOCIAL MARKETING (Chairs: Pacita Ikonomou, Neela Gentile)

Duties: Markets event to the school and broader community, creates banners, fliers and posters, as needed.  Promotes event with area groups, distributes marketing materials around the community and submits timely information to school newsletters, newspaper and radio "Community Events" sections and promotes the event through social marketing activities.  Please help us by inviting your family and friends to join you and sharing the event on your social media.

  1. Pacita Ikonomou
  2. Neela Gentile (Sponsorships)
  3. Sarah Eisner Richter (Sponsorships)
  4. Valerie Gardner (Webmaster)
  5. Michelle Turner (Ticket Website) FILLED, Thanks!

35 thoughts on “BBD VOLUNTEER INFO”

  1. Please use the "Leave a Reply" Comment Box below to enter your VOLUNTEER choice or choices. Your selection will not show up immediately but we will be notified and the site administrators will add choices to the website in the order they were received. Thank you very much for volunteering to make this a successful event!

  2. Monica, we received your email message and have added you as requested to Door Ticket Sales for a full hour and a half. Thank you for volunteering and noticing that the Comment Box had been de-activated!

  3. I can donate music-themed cookies, either individually or in boxes of 5-6 cookies (I'm thinking $5/box – to avoid lots of single dollar change).  I probably have about 4 dozen already baked and ready for decorating.  I would also like to volunteer at the jazz cafe.  Probably a late shift is better since I have a work party (time as yet undisclosed).  If the party is earlier, then I'll plan to come earlier and volunteer throughout.


    Louise Furukawa

    1. Louise, thank you so much! Put you in for the 9:00-10:00 slot for now but can add more, if that works. Love the music-themed cookies. I am sure they will be a hit!

  4. Peter Gillespie and Cheryl Cathey will volunteer for the set up 1-3 pm shift. We'll also supply a baked good (likely brownies) for the Jazz Cafe.

  5. Dave Fischer will help with breakdown (he's a veteran!) 🙂

    Sue Bartalo will help with door checkin/sales from 7-8pm.

  6. Hi there. Please add my husband Drew Camens and me (Karla Ebrahimi) to the mid-morning SET-UP shift on Saturday 11am-1pm. Thank you!

    1. Karla and Drew, this is great. I think we will need your help with the Sound and Lighting set-ups the most. Please check in with Scott Waldron and Ken Baker when you arrive!  Thanks for volunteering!

  7. I can assist with Gym Decorations tomorrow 1:00-2:00pm (must leave at 2:00 to work 2:00-3:30 Food Prep shift for Jazz Cafe).

  8. I'm planning to come just before 12 and help get decorations ready, may have to leave then come back around 2. I can also help on the door at 8-9pm for ticket sales .

    im happy to slot in for additional help – we are a little restricted with only one car tomorrow between many family activities but I'll make it work!

  9. Hello Wonderful Set-Up/Break-Down Team,

    I wanted to send out my thanks on behalf of myself, Kristi, Pacita and the BBD committee for all of your fabulous help with with the BBD Set-up and Break-down.  I think this year was by far the smoothest set-up and fastest break-down we have ever had and an exceptional performance in between.  We ended up having the perfect number of people helping with set-up and we were ahead of schedule the whole day.  It was, actually, a really fun day and evening to see such a wonderful event come together so seamlessly, without significant issues at all.

    Then, it is always an amazing experience to see how generously people give of their time—even if they hadn’t expected to—lingering to do a few break-down tasks and/or staying until it was all done, and how quickly what took all day to put together, gets pulled up, boxed and moved out, within about an hour. I appreciated the fact that we started earlier and ended earlier, so I got home before midnight! That’s a record!  (I am sure Kent appreciated that, too!)

    My daughter, Sarah, is graduating, so this is my last year doing the Set-Up and Break-Down but I am happy to report that Kristi will be collaborating with whoever wants to help with this job year next year. She and I worked together and so will be available to provide guidance to help keep the process smooth. I will also provide all my notes to her to give to anyone who would like to take this on as Set-Up Co-Chair for next year.  If anyone who volunteered this year wants to contact me to understand what is involved, I am happy to talk with you, especially while it is still very fresh in my memory.

    Yay Menlo-Atherton parents!  You’re the best!

    Congratulations to all


  10. Dear Valerie and Set-Up Team,

    This was indeed the smoothest set-up for a BBD that I have witnessed in my 7 years here!
    Thank you for your diligence hard work and much needed support. Valerie, this is no accident
    as your expertise and organizational skills are responsible for the logistics success of the BBD.
    You will be hard to replace…..
    Thank you set-up team!!!


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